Rent a cottage for a day

Cottages on the day – the best solution! How to spend the weekend? You can, of course, lain on the couch with a “couple of beers,” buried in the TV and you can walk with the family of the dusty, gassy city. But this is unlikely to give you health and cheerfulness for the coming week. We offer a different, more interesting option – rent a country cottage for the weekend. But why only on the weekends? For us, Mother Russia, and turn the newlyweds who want to celebrate the triumph of the nature, and quite mature people in anticipation of the upcoming anniversary or just a family celebration. Even those who arrange corporate events, better place than a country cottage, hardly found. And for all of them we find the options that will suit them in all respects. By accessing our website or directly to Mother Russia by contacting our company houses at night, you can browse the directory and find the cottage of your choice. We will provide everything: the number of people, length of residence, the capacity of future housing, and even the view from the windows! From our experience we know that the guests enjoy a centuries-old pine and spruce, “knocking” in the window, and another – a lawn, which pleases raznotsvetem grass in the summer. But many prefer to sunbathe on the sand and swim in the river… And if a short-term vacation scheduled for the winter – snow-white expanse and beckon skiing and sledding! Yes, and just cold air gives strength and vigor. Recall AS Pushkin: “my health Russian cold” In a word, all your wishes, regardless of the season. Take note of the fact that our houses are designed not only for all tastes, but the purse. As each apartment, they are divided into classes – from economy to VIP. But even the most modest budget you can find all the necessary attributes for a living as a snow-white linen and clean towels, a working household appliances, etc. For any version placement you will feel the master, that is, you do not have to report to anyone – when I left, who has led, on how many guests leave, etc. All these stereotypes shovels hotel you will be unknown, if you go to Mother Russia Real Estate With an appropriate choice of options in your unlimited use will be a sauna, home theater, and in some cases – even your own pool! And yet – there are no neighbors, spying and eavesdropping, and no old ladies on the bench, which is to just work! In order not to be unfounded, we present the feedback from our loyal customer, 26-year-old Dmitriy L. “I have that too be honest, I am in constant search of the second half. Often acquainted, get in touch, but not that. First question – where to meet? At home I can not, because I live with my parents. The hotel – too bureaucratic, rent an apartment – like and fit, but the apartment is a flat, no air space. Finally, turning to you, the company ***, found exactly what I need. We lived in a rented cottage just like Adam and Eve – our territory no one will go, and we can do whatever we please. We want – crank the music at full capacity, we want – we walk through the neighborhood. So far, my search was unsuccessful, but he continues. And I will ask, of course, to you, the company *** “If you decide to relax in nature, do not waste your time on the controversial proposal, please contact us in the cottage for a day. We will meet you, and deliver to the place, and legally formalize a deal. And yet – we will do everything to ensure that you have contacted us again and again and recommend us to your friends! Happy holiday to you!

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